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Retail Report Points to Slow Start for Mario Galaxy 2

Plus, find out which western game got the biggest benefit from an AKB48 push.

Masaki Aiba and Kazunari Ninomiya promote Mario Galaxy 2 in commercials. Nintendo uses celebrity spots for most of its game releases.

Despite movements in parliament to establish a law giving it legal branding as "Best Game Ever," Super Mario Galaxy 2 appears to be off to a slow start, at least when compared to the more casual-friendly New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

The Sinobi retail blog has provided some first day sales figures for the game. Mario's latest 3D outing sold 143,000 units on its first day this Thursday, or about 28% of stock.

This is quite low compared to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which sold 422,000 units and 50% of its first day stock late last year. However, it's a bit higher than the original Super Mario Galaxy, which sold 130,000 units and 23% of its stock on its first day in November 2007.

Nintendo gave Galaxy 2 its usual marketing push, with commercials showing celebrities playing the game and a trio of Iwata Asks columns. It also bundled in a guide DVD in the hopes of giving beginner players an assist.

The blog says that it's possible the game will see a boost once casual players pick up copies over the weekend. Sales up to and including Sunday will be included in Media Create's sales chart that's due out Wednesday.

The week was full of a number of high profile releases outside of Mario Galaxy 2. Xbox 360's Death Smiles 2 sold 12,000 units, or about 50% of stock. Super Robot Taisen OG Saga The Lord of Elemental sold 65,000 units, or about 66% of stock. Medalot DS sold 46,000 units across its two version and could end up crossing publisher Rocket Company's sales target of 100,000 units.

In the closely watched battle of which western game would benefit more from a promotional push by AKB48 members, Alan Wake won out. The 360 title sold 13,000 units in its first week. Of these, 7,000 came from the limited edition, of which just 10,000 units were produced.

Red Steel 2, the other game with an AKB48 push, sold so poorly that Sinobi didn't even share a sales number.

Red Steel (left) and Alan Wake (right) promoted by pop stars.

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