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Date Set for First PS3 3D Games

Wipeout, Mr. Pain and StarStrike HD patches on the way. Motorstorm demo also due.


Sony has been promising 3D gaming on PlayStation 3 for some time now, but they never got around to sharing a final date. That came today. Select PlayStation 3 downloadable games will be updated for 3D support on June 10, the company announced.

The three lucky first recipients of 3D support will be Wipeout HD, Star Strike HD and Mr. Pain. Current owners will be able to update Wipeout and Star Strike to 3D support for free. Mr. Pain will require a separate ¥300 purchase to unlock a 3D mode.

Those who haven't purchased the games yet will of course still be able to buy them, with pricing set at the current ¥1,800 for Wipeout HD and ¥800 for for Star Strike. Mr. Pain will be available for ¥1,000, but even new purchasers will have to spend ¥300 extra to get the 3D mode.

Sony's 3D PlayStation 3 plans extend beyond these three titles. The company will be promoting 3D Bravia sales with a campaign where buyers of sets will get the above three games for free along with an exclusive 3D demo of Motorstorm 2. Further details here.

Additionally, Sony says that it plans on updating the PlayStation 3 firmware to support 3DBD video playback. This will be available by the end of the year.

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