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Buy a Bravia, Get a 3D Motorstorm 2 Demo

Sony offers a 3D version of its offroad racer for just a select few.


3D PlayStation 3 gaming will at long last become a reality on June 10 as Sony releases 3D patches for Wipeout HD, Star Strike HD and Mr. Pain.

As detailed earlier in the day, current owners of Wipeout and Star Strike will be able to upgrade to 3D for free. Mr. Pain owners will need to pay ¥300 to download a 3D mode.

For those who don't have any of the games, Sony has a sweet deal on the way. For a limited time, buyers of 3D Bravia sets will get a campaign code that can be used for free downloads of Star Strike HD, Wipeout HD and Mr. Pain -- that's right, all three! The Mr. Pain download appears to be fully equipped with the ¥300 3D mode.

As an exclusive bonus for Bravia buyers, the code will also be able to download a 3D demo of Motorstorm 2. Sony says that as of June 10, the Bravia campaign will be the only way to get the 3D Motorstorm 2 demo. However, the company's wording about this suggested that it will be offered to others in the future.

Further details on the campaign will be posted at the Bravia campaign page. The page will go live on the 1st at 13:00.

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