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Tetsuya Nomura Heads to E3

But first, Tetsuya Nomura heads to Osaka!


Square Enix Twit-master Shinji Hashimoto made a couple of curious Tetsuya Nomura-related posts today at the Square Enix Members Twitter.

First, he revealed that he was down in Osaka for a meeting with Tetsuya Nomura regarding a new title. He described this project as "incredible."

Next, he revealed that he'll be traveling to E3 later this month with Nomura. That's right, Tetsuya Nomura is coming to LA.

Following the Nomura meeting, Hashimoto said that the "the direction of the new project has been set." He said he'd be returning to Tokyo while Nomura remained in Osaka for a meeting with the staff.

Some have speculated that Nomura in Osaka could only mean a meeting with the development team that made Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

Meanwhile, others have speculated that Nomura at E3 could only mean:

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