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Capcom Seeks Catch Copy For Arcade Super Street Fighter IV

Help promote the arcade release, and get a mention in the credits.

From the console version of Super SFIV.

It's not much, but it seems that Capcom has at long last shifted into marketing mode for the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV.

The company began today a little contest for the upcoming arcade release. Players who think they have a cool new Japanese catch copy phrase to represent the game can submit their ideas at the special campaign page.

There are a few conditions for the catch phrase. It has to begin with "Ore yori Tsuyoi Yatsu..." ("俺より強いやつ...") or "Someone stronger than me...." Including this, the phrase has to be contained within 16 characters.

The "Ore yori tsuyoi yatsu..." part is how the catch copy for the past Street Fighter games has started off. Past titles have included "Ai ni iku," "Detekita ka" and "Yondeiru," translating respectively to "I'm going to meet something stronger than me," "Has someone stronger than me appeared?" and "Someone stronger than me is calling."

Submissions will be accepted through June 30 at midnight. The winning submissions will be announced on the 20th.

Capcom has two prizes for winners. The Onochin Prize (that's named after producer Yoshinori Ono, I believe) includes some SFIV and Super SFIV goods. The grand prize includes the goods and a mention in the special thanks section of the Super SFIV staff roll.

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