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Two attractive men from Microsoft visit Kojima Productions. What do they see?

Twitter updates from Hideo Kojima that make you go "Hmm..."


Hideo Kojima's work on Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker may be mostly done. But he's still busy. Too busy, in fact to work on a manuscript he's working on at present.

Tweeted Kojima earlier today, "With the top secret project, E3 preparations, meetings, and checks, I couldn't work on my manuscript today as well."

That "top secret project" seems to be the thing Kojima has been teasing for months now. If you keep up with his Twitter, you'll see that he makes regular mention of it, usually of the form "I just came out of a meeting about the 'top secret project'."

More notable in today's set of Hideo Kojima Twitter posts is this picture:

Wrote Kojima, "Microsoft's Uchita and Yonekura visit Kojima Productions. We give a presentation. What did these two attractive men see?"

What did they see? Perhaps we'll find out in a couple of weeks at E3.

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