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This Harvest Moon Eco Bag Has a Picture of a Cute Cow

It really does.


Here's a good way to show off your hobby of choice while taking advantage of those absolutely unbelievably incredible savings grocery stores offer for those who bring their own eco bag.

Harvest Moon publisher Marvelous Entertainment is holding a campaign for -- what else -- the next Harvest Moon game, DS's Harvest Moon Twin Villages (in Japanese, Bokujou Monogatari Futago no Mura). Visit the game's official site and you could be one of 25 to win this eco bag, which, according to unverified reports, has won the Cutest Eco Bag award in 7 prefectures.

In case you're wondering why the cow looks like that, here are some relevant screenshots from the new game.

To get your name into the drawing for the bag, you'll have to fill out a survey. Do so at the game's official site. But do so before June 25. Because that's the deadline.

Harvest Moon Twin Villages hits on July 8. The eco bag will be delivered around that date.

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