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Latest Xenoblade Trailer Hits

The most dramatic trailer yet! A digest look at Xenoblade's story.


Prepare for the most dramatic Xenoblae trailer yet! The latest trailer (either 4, 5 or 6 depending on what you're counting as a trailer) hit the Everyone's Nintendo Channel today and was quickly YouTubed.

View it here:

The trailer begins with I believe Fiorun attempting to console Dunban, whom she refers to as brother. "Don't make that face," says Fiorun. "I'm still alive." This is presumably after Dunban incurred his injuries following the battle with the Kishin army the prior year.

In the next scene, we see Fiorun insisting that she fight alongside everyone. Shulk shouts at her "Go! We'll follow immediately!"

Next, we see Dunban drop the Monado sword, apparently unable to wield it. In the following scene, Rein asks Shulk, "Why? Why did it end up like this?"

The next scene shows one of the later character unveils, Melia of the advanced Heinter race. "Are you telling me to leave you guys and just flee by myself?" she asks.

Next, a look at one more cast member as Carna says, "Come as soon as you can. Until then, I will protect everyone."

We next see Dunban, Shulk, Rein and others running through a field. Dunban shouts out to Shulk and a seemingly frustrated Rein, "Don't mistake what you can and cannot do!" Shulk agrees, and the Monado sword closes.

As the second act of the trailer begins, Shulk looks up at an evening sky and says, "Across that cloud." Rein finishes. "Our enemy. The Kishin World."

In the next scene, Dunban says "You probably won't believe it, but Shulk can see the future." We're then shown a scene of Shulk and Carna fighting. Carna says "This is your power?" and Shulk explains "It comes up from deep within my heart. The enemies I should kill. The form of the future I should change."

I was having a bit of difficulty making out much of what was said after this. But the ending line is intriguing. Says Shulk, presumably in reference to the future: "Impossible! I changed it! Fiorun!"

The music in the background is the game's end theme song, which was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. The lyrics were written by the game's general director, Tatsuya Takahashi. You can read more about the song and the rest of Xenoblade's music here.

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