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This Week's Flying Get

New White Knight Chronicles 2 details! Check back throughout the day for updates!


It's time for this week's Flying Get, where you're given the chance to get all the latest magazine info one or two days in advance of street date -- hence the "flying."

As always, this column is based mostly off the summary from game information blog Game Jouhou, which itself usually gets the information from 2channel and other message boards. I haven't verified any of the info myself, so I'd suggest not telling mom about it until you've read it elsewhere on this site.

Check back throughout the day for updates as news comes in!

[UPDATE 22:40 -- Flying Get updates for the day have ended. Check the main channel for more from Famitsu and other sources in a bit.]

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd!

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is in Famitsu! Unfortunately, it looks like there's absolutely no new information on the game. The feature is apparently in the form of a developer dialogue.

Guess who has surprises for E3?

E3 is just around the corner. Expecting some surprises? Then you won't be disappointed, as according to a Famitsu survey of third party publishers, pretty much everyone has some surprises on the way for the show!

The magazine says that EA, Capcom, Tecmo Koei, Konami, Square Enix, Sega and Ubisoft will have surprises at the show. Only Namco Bandai and Bethesda chose the punk route and listed "secret" under the surprise category.

The magazine also lists the press conference status for each publisher. EA and Ubisoft have conferences on the 15th. Namco Bandai has a conference on the 16th. Konami's conference is TBA. None of the other guys have conferences.

It looks like next week's issue will have some early E3 info, so get set for a very special Flying Get.

Square Enix's New WiiWare Games

Square Enix seems to have two WiiWare games on the way: "Kumanage: The Blue Gems That Kiina Hates Battle Version" and "Kumanage The Red Candy That Piina Likes Puzzle Version." I have no idea what they're about, but Square Enix will be asking 1,000 WiiPoints for each, and is also promising future download content.

These sound to me like they may be overseas WiiWare games brought over under Square Enix's Extreme something-or-other label. I'll let you know once I've seen the issue for myself.

K-On! Gets a game Conversion

Sega has in the past mentioned its intention to bring the popular K-On! anime to the game screen. Now we have specifics.

Fully titled "K-On! Houkago Live," or "After School Live," the PSP game conversion takes the form of a rhythm action game. You'll make use of a simple control scheme to perform popular songs from the anime. Make your button presses with good timing, and you'll perform combos, leading to a build up in tension and, finally, special visual sequences.

The game's "After School Tea Time" mode lets you have jam sessions with four others. Play the game in ad-hoc mode, and you and four friends will be able to each control an instrument.

Game Jouhou notes that due to some sneaky Twittering, it's believed that the team working on K-On! is the same team that made PSP's Hatsune Project Diva. This doesn't seem to be mentioned in Famitsu, though.

Development on K-On! is at 76%. A release is planned for Fall.

Trinity Zill O'll Zero Gets a Date

This PS3 exclusive RPG from Dynasty Warriors studio Omega Force is one of the three big games Tecmo Koei delayed from a planned release in fiscal 2009. It looks like the delay won't be too severe. The game is now set for September release.

You can see cast info at Game Jouhou, if you're into that sort of thing.

When we last saw Trinity...

Crafts & Meister Does Wii

Remember Crafts & Meister? This studio was formed by veteran Capcom developers Noritaka Funamizu and Katsuhiro Sudo back in 2004 and went on to work heavily with Namco Bandai on such games as Chou Dragon Ball Z and, most recently, Fullmetal Alchemist To the Promised Day.

The studio's next game is Earth Seeker and is in development for the Wii. This all-original action title is set around the premise of the destruction of the Earth.

Aside from that, Game Jouhou's summary provides no details. Famitsu doesn't actually have any screenshots -- just artwork showing monsters, ships and other elements.

Development is at 60%. Kadokawa Games will release Earth Seeker this Winter.

New White Knight Chronicles 2 Details

Some big new details on White Knight Chronicles 2 in Famitsu this week. First off, it seems that the magazine finally confirms that darn retail leak about the content of the first White Knight being included in the game. Once I get my hands on the magazine, I'll hopefully be able to clarify what exactly that means. There wouldn't be much point of including the online mode, would there?

There will be two major changes to how the game handles knight transformations. First, your avatar will have his very own knight. You'll be able to customize the look of this knight. Also, and this is something that was hinted at in past screenshots, you'll be able to transform into knight form during the game's six player online quests. However, some quests will have a limit on the number of players who can transform.

Finally, it looks like the game's chat interface will be improved.

This old cam-grabbed screen hinted at live part avatar transformations.

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