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Nintendo Returns to Roots with Mario Trump

A series of play cards featuring your favorite Mario characters.


When I saw "Mario Trump" listed at the update section of Nintendo's slick new portal, I was expecting a Wii Ware or DSi Ware card game. Actually, Mario Trump is a series of real life play cards featuring Mario themes.

You can select from three types: NAP-01 Dot, NAP-02 Standard, and NAP-03 Neon. They're shown here:

You can probably figure this out for yourself, but the Dot type shows Mario and friends in sprite form, the Standard type shows them in hand drawn form, and the Neon type shows them in 3D rendered form.

Each set runs ¥1,050. Look for them at retailers starting July.

The Mario Trump info was posted at what appears to be a general page for character player cards. Perhaps we can look forward to more Nintendo character cards in the future?

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