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Fire Emblem Official Site Opens

At last, our first look at the latest DS remake and the new "My Unit" feature.


Following its surprise announcement last week, Nintendo opened today an official site for the new DS Fire Emblem game.

As detailed last week, the new game, fully titled "Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem -- Hero of Light and Shadow," isn't actually a new game, but a remake of the first Super Famicom Fire Emblem game.

Currently, the site has three sections. The Story sections details the background story of the game. The Character section lists just one character: Marth, Prince of Altea Kingdom.

The other section is titled "My Unit." The game's main character is actually not Marth, but this "My Unit" character, who's said to be from Altea Kingdom and has a desire to join the Altea Knights.

Marth to the left and your generic My Unit characters to the right.

You'll be able to customize the My Unit character to your liking, giving it a gender, name, face style, eye type, hair style and initial unit type. Depending on your appearance and abilities, your conversations with your fellow warriors throughout the game will change.

Creating a custom character.

The official site promises "two new stories" in which the My Unit character plays a major part.

One of these is a "Prologue." This follows the path of the My Unit character from joining the Altea Army to becoming a soldier who fights along side Marth.

The other "story" is listed as "side story." By clearing certain conditions, you can advance to a side story which is played out an all new map. It's unclear if there's just one of these, or many.

The new substories. It's unclear if there's just one of these or many.

Similar to the first DS Fire Emblem remake, Mystery of the Emblem will offer multiplayer play via both standard wireless and Wi-Fi. A release is set for July 15, priced at ¥4,800.

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