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Date Set for Wii Party

Nintendo's latest "Wii" series title arrives in about a month.


Wii Party was one of Nintendo's big earnings briefings surprises, meaning we didn't hear anything about it until about a month ago. It was a bit surprising, then, to open up Nintendo's newly refreshed release calendar to see the game pencilled in with a July 8 release date.

And that's all we know at the moment. Nintendo hasn't formally announced the title outside of the briefing. But with a release a little over a month away, we should be hearing more soon.

As detailed during the investors briefing, Wii Party is a collection of party games. You'll be able to use your Mii avatar collection in the game and take part in games for up to four players.

Iwata told investors to expect Wii Party to be a major title for Nintendo this fiscal year.

Nintendo hasn't made formal announcement of Wii Party outside of its earnings briefing.

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