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Close Up Look at the New DSi LL Colors

Get up close with Blue, Yellow and Green before you buy.


The big news in DS land today was word of a rare price drop from Nintendo. But Nintendo also announced a trio of new DSi LL (XL) colors to usher in the new price.

Blue, Green and Yellow variations will hit on June 19, the day of the system's new pricing policy. They'll join Wine Red, Dark Brown and Natural White, which have been the LL's only color options since the November 2009 release.

Get your first close look at Blue, Green and Yellow here:

The new pricing puts these and the three other colors at ¥18,000, down from the current ¥20,000.

Those who don't mind a smaller play experience will find the DSi at ¥15,000, down from its current ¥18,900. The DS Lite is being slashed from ¥16,800 to "open," meaning it will be priced at the retail level and is on its way out.

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