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Nintendo Gives DSi Ware Paint Program Full Retail Release

Painting Classroom adds new features in trip to retail.


A DSi Ware game is moving on up to full retail DS release. This has been done a few times before, but this time Nintendo is the one doing it.

The company shared today first details on Egokoro Kyoushitsu, or Painting Classroom. This retail DS title is a package version of a pair of like-named DSi Ware games that were released in November of last year.

The basics remain the same as the DSi Ware versions, so I'll refer you there.

New features for retail release include additional mini lessons, over 50 pictures for use as motifs, the ability to saving directly to the game cart rather than internal storage, additional history slots for saving progress when drawing, 10 additional frame designs, and an apple drawing demo that can be sent out to other players.

Strangely, the retail version may actually have one minus point. The DSi Ware version saved to limited internal memory, but it was possible to move your data over to SD Memory. The retail version can save only to the cart's memory and limits you to 80 images. Nintendo makes no mention of being able to make backups.

The move to retail DS release means the game will be compatible with all makes of DS -- including those without a camera. DSi and DSi LL owners will have access to an exclusive feature that lets them take a picture with the system's built in camera for reference while drawing.

Painting Classroom goes retail on June 19, priced at a low ¥2,800. The DSi Ware versions, in contrast, run 800 DSi Points (the equivalent of ¥800) each.

Visit the newly opened official site for a first look. You can view a movie here. Japanese readers will also find an interview with the development staff in the June issue of Nintendo Online Magazine.

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