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Ghost Trick Release Date Pushed Up

Demo hits Everyone's Nintendo Channel today.


Here's a new one for you. Just three weeks before release, Capcom has decided to bump up the release date of Ghost Trick by a week. Instead of a June 24 release, Ghost Trick will now hit retail on June 19.

The surprise announcement came at a completion ceremony press conference in Tokyo today. The reason for the change? Apparently, Capcom wanted to line up the game's release with Nintendo's new DSi XL color lineup and price drop, both of which also hit on the 19th.

The release date change isn't the only Ghost Trick surprise today. Capcom also made available a demo of the game at the Everyone's Nintendo Channel. This demo lets you experience an exclusive scenario that you won't even find in the retail release. You'll need to help bring back a smile to Kanon, a girl who spends Christmas all by herself.

For those without access to the Everyone's Nintendo Channel on Wii, the demo will also be available at DS Station tomorrow and Nintendo Zone on the 4th.

Scenes from the demo.

Capcom also shared some of its promotional plans for the game.

Starting on the 4th, the Ghost Trick official site will see a weekly "Ghost TV" video column where designer Shuu Takumi will share secrets about the game's development. The fifth installment, set for the 18th, will be a live broadcast.

The official site will also begin running a series of play movies from celebrity players, including members of Fudanjuku, Nankatsu Shooters, Yokohama F-Marinos and AKB48.

Nankatsu Shooters
Yokohama F Marinos

The 12th will also see the start of television commercials for the game. These will be broadcast in the Tokyo and Osaka regions.

The commercial.

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