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Taiko Drum Master PSP Gets God Eater Music

Namco Bandai continues with its commemorative music downloads.


How big is God Eater? Big enough for a cameo appearance in Taiko Drum Master!

Namco Bandai is continuing with its download music program for Taiko Drum Master Portable 2. The PSP title's new content, set for release on June 16, includes two songs:

  • "No Way Back" from God Eater
  • Leichte Kavallerie overture

This is the second set of content to commemorate the Taiko Drum Master Portable series having reached 5 million song downloads. The first set, released on May 19, included four songs, including Over Master from Idol Master SP.

Namco Bandai said that it plans on continuing with the download content past the June 16 download.

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