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White Knight Chronicles 2 Detailed By Director Toshiyuki Kusuda

Director discusses download content and changes for the sequel. Plus, get a first look at the original under White Knight 2 spec.

The first White Knight Chronicles, updated to White Knight 2 spec.

Famitsu.com has posted an interview with White Knight Chronicles 2 director Toshiyuki Kusuda. The interview, a snippet of a larger interview that's going to be published in the magazine's July 8 issue (due for release on June 24), answers some lingering questions you might have about the game even after the update in this week's Famitsu.

According to Kusuda, the big changes the development team was aiming for with the sequel included combat and the overall feeling of volume.

Regarding battle, there were limits to what they could change in the first White Knight through updates. For White Knight 2, they've made a variety of changes in such areas as tempo and strategy.

Regarding volume, the offline story mode of the original had about 25 hours of play time, said Kusuda. There were apparently some complaints from players about the length. For the sequel, you'll find far greater play time. This includes optional elements for those who like to sink their teeth into the game. Kusuda feels that players will not have issues with volume this time.

Kusuda provided additional details on Level-5's decision to include the original White Knight in full in the game, something that was officially confirmed in Famitsu this week. This is something they decided upon when they first decided to make White Knight 2, even though they knew they would have to make some adjustments to the game.

There were two reasons for including this. First, they were worried that White Knight 2 would have the image of requiring play of the first title. Additionally, because the gameplay systems of the original have been updated to White Knight 2 spec (see the screen to the above right for a glimpse), they wanted those who played the original to replay it using the new gameplay systems.

The other big reveal from this week's Famitsu was Arc Knight, the customizable knight that your avatar can transform into. This is a new feature for the sequel, as the original did not allow your avatar to transform into knight form.

Kusuda revealed that the Arc Knight is actually something that Level-5 had wanted to include with the original. He's glad that they were able to include it for part 2, as he feels it odd to have the player incapable of transforming in an RPG about transformations.

As detailed in the Famitsu story, you'll be able to customize your Arc Knight in various ways -- creating Arc Knight items, changing color, and so-forth. Kusuda feels that players will want to show off their knight to other online players.

The screens in Famitsu hinted that some of the customizations will require unlocking. Kusuda explained that, initially, you'll have access to just four colors for your Arc Knight. These are apparently all variations of green. To unlock other colors, you'll need to get appropriate items by collecting materials as you clear quests. Outside of just color, you'll also be able to strengthen your Arc Knight with parts that you've gathered.

Arc Knight customization makes use of elements called "Core Unit" and "Jewel Points." You customize your Arc Knight by attaching gems that give the knight's equipment such upgrades as "HP+5" and "attack strength up." The Core Unit's level and Jewel Points relate to how many of these gems you can attach. To increase your available Jewel Points, you'll need to strengthen your Arc Knight's Core Unit.

Customizing your Arc Knight's color.
Arc Knight customizations. The Core Unit level and Jewel Point count are shown in the upper left.

Also in the interview, Kusuda said to expect a similar pace of download quests for the sequel -- two a month. There will be time limited quests once again. Level-5 is also planning on actively pursuing collaborative quests. In fact, they've already finalized plans for a collaborative quest with Sony's Weekly Toro Station. Kusuda also said that they're hoping to hold such things as Halloween and Christmas events.

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