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Check Out Dew Prism Running on PSP

A couple of videos show Square Enix's latest Game Archives release.


Dew Prism (aka Threads of Fate) is Square Enix's next Game Archives title to follow Final Fantasy IX. So how's it coming along?

It's apparently far enough in development that Square Enix Chief Tweeting Person Shinji Hashimoto felt comfortable enough to share a camera-grabbed video of test version:

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He actually shared two videos of the game, but the stupid TwitVideo allows me to embed only one of them at a time it seems. See the other one here (actually it's just the title screen, so you might as well skip it).

What does this mean as far as releases go? It was a little over a month from when we first saw FFIX's title screen to when it saw release on PSN. If the same schedule holds true here, we'll get Dew Prism in early July.

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