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New Characters at the Xenoblade Site

Meet Juju, Odama and Gad. Where do they come up with these names?


The Xenoblade official site saw a mini update today, giving those without access to the Everyone's Nintendo Channel or YouTube a chance at viewing yesterday's "Abyss" trailer.

If you're watching the trailer at the official site's trailer section for the first time, be sure and view this partial translation of the opening moments.

Also at the site are profiles of the three latest sub characters:


Race: Homs, Gender: Male, Age: 13, Height: 153cm -- Carne's little brother. After Colony 6 was attacked, he fled alongside Carne to a camp outside the city.


Race: Homs, Gender: Male, Age: 60, Height: 165cm -- Head of the Colony 6 defense force. He protected the city from repeated attacks by the Kishin army.


Race: Homes, Gender: Male, Age: 26, Height: 191cm -- A soldier in the Colony 6 defense force. He's a master of the Ether Rifle.

Dikson and Mumca were previously revealed. This leaves just two unrevealed sub characters.

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