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Wii Party Has Some Clever Wiimote Minigames

Play hide and seek with your Wiimote in upcoming party game.


Nintendo hasn't been forthcoming with Wii Party details despite having quietly announced a release date for the game yesterday. Thankfully, retailers aren't being so shy with the info.

A listing at HMV mentions three intriguing mini games:

Wanwan Karuta
The Wiimote for each of four players plays back a different sound. Which sound matches the animal that's shown on screen?
Remote Control Hide and Seek
Hide your Wiimote somewhere in the room and have other players search for it, relying only on the sound made by the Wiimote.
Sensitive Bomb
Hold the Wiimote like a bomb, and try to pass it off to other players without shaking it.

These games fall under the "Living Party" mode, one of the game's three modes of play. During Nintendo's earnings briefing last month, CEO Satoru Iwata said this mode would offer mini games made possible by the Wiimote. You'll find a total of six games in this mode, according to the HMV listing.

The HMV listing also says to expect over 80 mini games in the game's "Teiban" or "Standard" party mode. The listing doesn't provide details, but Nintendo previously said to expect things like Bingo and Roulette.

An image shared in the HMV listing.

HMV also confirms that Nintendo will be selling the game as part of an optional Wiimote bundle. A retailer revealed yesterday that Nintendo would be offering the game bundled with a pink or white Wiimote.

Wii Party hits on July 8, so we can probably expect Nintendo to start opening up on the game for itself shortly.

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