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Hatsune Miku's Dreamy Theater PV

Get a first look at the virtual pop star in HD on the PlayStation 3.


Hatsune Miku, you were made for HD!

Check out this trailer for the virtual idol's PlayStation 3 debut in "Dreamy Theater."

Dreamy Theater may look like a full PlayStation 3 Hatsune Miku game, but it's actually tied into Hatsune Miku Project Diva, the series' first PSP game. Once you've downloaded the Dreamy Theater data to your PS3, you'll have to connect your PSP, loaded with your copy of Project Diva, in order to play. Basically, you're playing the PSP title, magically outputted through your television in clear HD.

Even though it's not a full game release, Sega is asking something close to full game pricing. Dreamy Theater is priced at ¥3,000 -- certainly towards the higher end for a PS3 download!

The download will become available on June 24.

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