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More On Square Enix's Bear Games

Nintendo shares a few screens and details.


Nintendo has opened up some web pages of its own for Square Enix's new Kumanage WiiWare games. As detailed earlier this week, unless Square Enix has gone completely mad and are planning a whole lineup of games about bears, the two Kumanage games are just Japanese versions of games that were leaked out overseas as The Tales of Bearsworth Manor Chaotic Conflicts and The Tales of Bearsworth Manor Puzzling Pages.

The Nintendo pages aren't any clearer than the Square Enix official site, but they do offer a few screens and details.

Puzzling Pages is a new type of puzzle action game where you use the Wiimote for throwing things. You enter the world of a picture book alongside a mysterious girl named Piina. To clear puzzles and get red candy, you have to use the Wiimote to throw "paper bears" that come out of the book. You'll find over 30 pages -- pages being what the game uses to refer to stages, it seems.

Chaotic Conflicts is the same idea, except you go into the picture book with a mysterious boy named Kiina and you're throwing things in order to protect your blue gem. This one also has 30 "pages" of play. The Japanese titles refer to this as "Action Volume" and Puzzling Pages as "Puzzle Volume," so perhaps there's a greater action component here.

The Nintendo pages also hint that by clearing the puzzles in both games you'll unlock something.

Also, it looks like the games will have paid download content, as that ugly orange Wi-Fi Connection logo is shown on the Nintendo pages.

Look for both WiiWare releases on the 8th at 1,000 WiiPoints.

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