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White Knight Chronicles 2 Forces Newcomers to Play From the Original

Players without a clear file from the original are not going to be able to immediately access the sequel's contents.

Selecting to start from the beginning or continue from the end of the first White Knight.

If you've cleared the original White Knight Chronicles and can't wait to see what happens next in the story, you'd better make sure and hold on to your save file. Without the save file, you're going to be forced to replay the story from the beginning!

As revealed earlier in the week, White Knight Chronicles 2 includes the original White Knight Chronicles in full. In an interview with 4gamer today, series director Toshiyuki Kusuda revealed that those without clear data from the original are going to be forced to play through the original's story before starting up with the sequel.

That's "clear data" and not just "save data." Your White Knight save file must be a clear file for it to be used with White Knight 2.

If you do have a clear file, you'll be presented with a choice of starting from the very beginning, complete with character creation, or continuing from the end of the first game. If you choose to start from the beginning, you'll get to keep your items and such, but you'll start back at level 1. This unfortunately also means that your character will be level 1 even when playing the online "live" mode. If you choose to start from the sequel's starting point, your character will reset to below level 35.

Even if you did clear the original, you may want to replay it in the form that's included with White Knight Chronicles 2. The game has been updated with the gameplay systems from the sequel. Kusuda feels that players of the original will be able to play it with a new feel thanks to the updates.

Kusuda also cleared up a bit of confusion about the connection between the version of the original that's included with White Knight Chronicles 2 and the version that's currently available. The two versions of the game will not be compatible during online play. Players of different versions will not be able to enter the same lobbies.

However, the social networking components are shared between the two. You'll be able to view friend lists and journal entries and send messages to one-another.

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