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Tales Series Announcement Planned For Summer

Plus, guess what character won the popularity contest?


If you were expecting some big news form this year's Tales of Festival, you might be a bit disappointed. The only major news from yesterday's event was news about news.

And that news, as reported at Dengeki today, is that Namco Bandai is planning a Tales announcement of some form for the Summer. Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon X producer Takashi Otachi made this announcement of an announcement, saying "It seems that there will be an announcement of some form this Summer."

This latest Tales fan event was held on the 5th at the Pacifico Yokohama event space in Yokohama. Typical of the annual event series, this year's event saw introductions to upcoming Tales titles, stage talk events by the voice cast and staff, and a variety of other corners. The event will continue with a second showing tomorrow, featuring slightly different performances.

Getting the spotlight at the event was Narikiri Dungeon X, a PSP remake of the 2000 Game Boy Color title Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon. Otachi was joined by by the voice acting staff to introduce the game via live versions of those "skit" dialogue sequences you see in most Tales games.

Confirming previous retail leaks, Otachi announced an August 5 release date for the game. The game is priced at ¥5,480.

Otachi also announced a couple of promotional activities for the game. Pre-orderers will get a "Dramatic DVD Tales of Costume!?" DVD as a bonus. Namco Bandai is also planning on releasing two demos for the game. The first will be for the Tales of Phantasia remake that's included as a game within the game. The second will be for the Narikiri Dungeon remake itself. These will hit PSN respectively in early and late July.

Outside of game announcements, MCs Teruaki Konishi and Fumihiko Tachiki announced the production of the third and final chapter in the Tales of Symphonia The Animation OVA series.

Other activities included the announcement of the top placers in the latest Tales series character popularity ranking. Fans voted Tales of Vesperia main character Yurie as their favorite character from the series. He beat Destiny's Lion in second, Graces' Asbel in third, Abyss's Luke in fourth and Symphonia's Lloyd in fifth.

Fans also voted on their favorite series mascot. The winner was Repede, also from Tales of Vesperia.

Visit Dengeki for a three page look at the event, complete with plenty of pictures.

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