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A New Collaboration Between Hideo Kojima and Square Enix

Something's stirring between the Metal Gear director and Square Enix's COT (Chief of Twittering).


Square Enix's involvement with Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker was announced a couple of months back at Peace Walker's completion ceremony press conference. The RPG giant will be releasing figures based off Peace Walker's characters and mecha. Additionally, Front Mission items will appear in Peace Walker.

Now it looks like there may be another collaboration between Square Enix and Kojima Productions. Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto Tweeted this today:

"A new promotion with Hideo Kojima is set. Details will be shared at a later date."

Hashimoto also provided this image showing himself (center) with Kojima (right) and Metal Gear series art director Yoji Shinkawa (left):

Kojima later updated his own Twitter with a link to Hashimoto's picture. He wrote, simply, "A new collaboration with Mr. Hashimoto from Square Enix.

Given the Front Mission Evolved screen in the foreground of the picture, it seems reasonable to expect that this new collaboration will have something to do with Square Enix PS3/X360 title. Hashimoto is producing this game.

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