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Three Sweet Vanquish Screens

Plus, a Japanese trailer, and a newly refreshed official site.


Vanquish sounds a bit less ridiculous when everyone's speaking Japanese. You can see for yourself, via this Japanese version of the E3 trailer that debuted on Game Trailers over the weekend.

Of course, the Game Trailers version had everyone speaking Resident Evil-worthy English. Compare for yourself.

In sending out the Japanese version of the trailer today, Sega included some sweet screenshots confirming that Vanquish is going to be amazing regardless of what language the space marines are speaking.

Sega also gave the game's Japanese official site a refresh today. The site has sections showing off the absurd background story, its cast of characters including main character Sam Gideon and legendary hero Robert Burns, a close up look at Sam's ARS suit, and screenshot, movie and wallpaper sections.

Visit the ARS section (to the upper right) for an actual in-game gameplay clip. It's not the highest resolution, but it does show what the game looks like while being played.

Also of note are two sections that aren't open yet. The site lists a developers blog and "special" section as set for opening on July 8.

There's actually a bit to the official site even before entering the main Flash site. The starter page has a series of voice recordings on the right side. These will be unveiled gradually over the coming weeks.

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