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Reminder: You're Not This Good at Mega Man

Plus, let's see some of those gameplay systems with names only Capcom could come up with.


In the build up to Mega Man Zero Collection's Thursday release, Capcom has started to share a series of super play videos that show how you probably won't be able to play the game.

Here's the first one:


Three more will follow, one every day until launch.

Capcom also shared media showing off the various systems that have appeared in the Zero games. These all have sweet Capcom-worthy names.

Cyber Elf System

Nurse, Animal and Hacker "Cyber Elf" programs appear in the stages and support you. Appeared in all four Zero games.

Form Change System

After clearing stages, Zero may suddenly gain extra abilities. Shown here, Normal Form, Energy Form and EX Form. Appeared in Zero 2.

EX Skill System

Defeat bosses in certain ways, and you may be able to steal their EX Attacks, which can then be equipped to Zero. Appeared in Zero 2 to Zero 4.

Chip Custom System

Customize Zero by equipping chips to his head, body and feet. Appeared in Zero 3.

Chip Making System

A powered-up version of the Chip Custom System that appeared in Zero 4.

Weather Change System

Time flows in the missions, with the stages changing between clear, stormy and snowy and becoming more difficult. Appeared in Zero 4.

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