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This is the kind of nonsense you can expect from My Wife

Idea Factory's wife sim has changeable personalities and shower scenes.


Your experience with My Wife this August will involve the following kind of nonsense (based off the screens Idea Factory shared today):

Big Sister: "I came in to check if you're really washing your body."

Tsundere: "Do we really have to do it together? This is too embarrassing."

Tsundere: "Stupid. If I don't like it, I'll punch you."

Big Sister: "See... this area isn't washed at all. This back area too."

Little Sister: "Big brother, over here, over here!"

Emotionless: "Yes. I am the thief."

The names next to the quotes aren't actually names. They're just a description of the girl's personality and physical form (look up Tsundere for yourself). You can set the name of the girl to your liking at the start of the game.

I'd previously assumed that you also set the personality and physical form at the start of the game. But Idea Factory shared a screen today showing that you can change the personality midway through the game. I wonder if the girl's artwork will change to match, or if just the dialogue will change.

As previously announced, you can also change the girl's voice. Idea Factory will be distributing new voice packs as download content.

Since we're sharing screenshots today, here are a few mini game shots:

Clockwise from the upper left:

  • A drinking game where you and your wife have to drink from the same glass. You just have to press A real fast.
  • A quiz game.
  • A card game.
  • A clothe hanging game.

On the note of hanging clothes, coordinating your wife's attire looks like it will be a major part of the game. Here are some fashion options:

The schoolgirl outfits may be just for the "lovers" part of the game, where you meet your future wife in highschool for the first time and develop your relationship. It's unclear if you'll be able to make your wife dress up like a schoolgirl for you.

Your wife won't always wear the outfits you select. Like when you're taking a shower or are in bed, for instance. Of course, this is an Xbox 360 game, so there's nothing too naughty.

And finally, SUPER MAJOR SCOOP! Your wife will have an affair with an effeminate anime guy at some point.

Actually, I presume that's meant to be you. It would be neat if you could customize yourself too. Then they could call it My Wife and Me.

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