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Play Wii Party in Advance

Nintendo breaks tradition and shows something worthwhile at a World Hobby Fair event.

Sample the latest in Wii mini games next week.

With a release date of July 8, Wii Party is arriving in record time following its May announcement. But if that's still too long a wait, a trip out to Makuhari next week will give you a chance at some early hands-on play time.

Nintendo detailed its lineup for the 2010 Summer World Hobby Fair. Breaking tradition, the company will be showing more than one game.

Both Mario Galaxy 2 and Wii Party will be available for play. The former will have a free play corner as well as a challenge corner with presents on offer for top players. The latter will be making its playable debut, but Nintendo hasn't specified what form the demo will take.

This summer's World Hobby Fair will be held on the 19th and 20th at the Makuhari Messe on the outskirts of Tokyo. Admission is free.

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