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Dew Prism Release Date Announcement Coming Tomorrow

Square Enix's Twitter promotional campaign activities continue.


This just in from Square Enix "Master of Tweeting" Shinji Hashimoto: "From SCE, it looks like the DL start date for Dew Prism will be set tomorrow. Everyone look forward to it!"

Dew Prism, known as Threads of Fate internationally, is the latest Square Enix PlayStation classic to make the trip to Sony's Game Archives retro download service on PlayStation Network.

Similar to Final Fantasy IX's Game Archives conversion, all the pre-release hype for the game has come through Twitter updates. That will also apparently include the release date announcement.

In other Hashimoto Twitter news, the producer Tweeted earlier in the day yesterday, "I'll be traveling with Nomura at this year's E3, so I beleive we'll be able to deliver information that has impact."

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