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Moon Diver: Story and Screenshot Edition

Barcelona. 2081. The ninjas rise from the ashes, humanity's last best hope for survival.


When you first heard that Square Enix's new Xbox Live Arcade and PS3/PSN download title Moon Diver is going to have ninjas performing flashy combos and acrobatic action in 2.5D side scrolling stages, your first thought was probably, "Well, I wonder what the story is all about."

No? Well, that's all I've got for you, so sit quiet and take it like a man!

Here's the background story to Moon Diver, or as it's known in the Western world, Necromachina. This is my translation of the Japanese text Square Enix sent out. The official English text will probably be better.

"The boy's name was Faust.

A boy named Faust is there. By the time people realized that, most of Europe was already in flames.

The boy Faust and the army of monstrous creatures he dispatched overran all of the Earth in a moment and brought humanity to the verge of extinction.

2081, in Barcelona, beneath a solar eclipse.

The human armies have been destroyed, and the army of creatures are destroying the city as they please.


Five soldiers emerge from the ruins and plot their counterattack."

I presume the ninjas you control in the game are among those soldiers. They are... THE MOON DIVERS!

Here are some screens. Click to make screenshots get bigger now.

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