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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker's "Naked" Female Soldiers

You would have seen a bit more flesh had Peace Walker's lady soldiers kept their original "naked" uniforms.


In Peace Walker, when you select to play as a general soldier, you can choose male or female. You can also choose a uniform.

In the latest Artist Relation Notes post at the Kojima Productions blog, artist Yutaka Negishi suspects (correctly) that most players, when using a female soldier, initially try to select the "Naked" uniform.

For male soldiers, the naked form is a bare chest, as you can see in the latest download content update.

For female soldiers, the naked form looks like this:

A full tank top for our female sneaking friends.

It turns out that the original design for the female soldiers was a bit more revealing. Negishi shares a glimpse at the original design from the rear:

The model was changed to its current form due to various "circumstances."

Unfortunately, Negishi wouldn't share a look at the model from the front. But he did say that if he has a chance he'll try to do just that and also show off some design images.

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