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Is This Super Street Fighter IV's Arcade Version?

True development has started on arcade port, according to official blog.


Super Street Fighter IV assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano provided a mysterious pic in this week's blog update at the game's official site:

Wrote Ayano, "Juri and Hakan are moving on a Vewlix cabinet. The instruction card is from Street Fighter IV, though."

He didn't say what exactly was powering the game in that cabinet.

Continued Ayano, "The console Super SFIV development squad has an after party and also changes to the arcade version port team!! True development starts with goal of a 100% port!!"

The "after party" he's referring to was recently held to commemorate Super Street Fighter IV's completion. In attendance at the event were some big guests, including Afro Samurai director Fuminori Kizaki.

The event also served as a "graduation ceremony" for Nakky, the console version's assistant producer. She handed over the blog responsibilities to Ayano with Super's console release.

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