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Neptune's Sega Crossover Revealed

Plus, a close look at the combat system, and bonus item info.


A couple of week backs, we heard some news about how Super Dimensional Game Neptune would feature crossover elements with major Sega titles. A new promotional video, released today by Compile Heart, shows those elements:

Forward to the 1:42 mark for a look at the "Game Disc System," which promises to revive classic game characters. I'm not sure what the "Game Disc System" is exactly, but it looks like it may be a summon system. The video shows Alex Kidd, Super Shinobi, Space Harrier.

Outside of this Sega tie-up, this latest PV provides a look at Neptune as a whole, including the following elements:

  • The cameo characters who resemble characters from other makers like Nippon Ichi and Gust.
  • Character customization via Processor Units.
  • Exploration of dungeons. The dungeons appear to have random generation elements. Each character has unique abilities which can be of use during exploration.
  • Edit Mode, which lets you read in images from your PS3's image folder for use as summons. You can freely set the name of the attack a well.
  • The limited edition, which includes an eco bag and sound track.
  • The pre-order bonus -- a visual book.

A few product images have also surfaced.

First, the package. The back promises Trophy support and Rankings (helping to explain the PSN logo).

Compile Heart also shared rough images for the game's retail separate bonus items.

Check the official site for where you'll have to go to get these.

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