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Here's How That Xbox 360 Game Involving Spouses Begins

The opening movie, complete with the ridiculous opening theme song.


My site gets public service ads when I refer to Idea Factory's new Xbox 360 game by its proper name, so I'm going to instead refer to it as "The Xbox 360 Game That Involves Spouses."

Here's your chance to see how that Xbox 360 game that involves spouses begins. Idea Factory uploaded the opening movie to the official site. View it there, or stream it here:

The opening theme is called "Go to Sweethome" and... it for some reason starts off with the "younger sister type" sticking her tongue out at you. Shame, shame shame.

Here's what I could pick up from the lyrics without straining myself:

Go to sweet home

The first time we walked home together
Our hands brushed together.

Without thinking, I stepped away.
But I was actually really happy.

What do you think of me?
I want to get to know you better.

[... stuff I don't understand ...]

I love you my da-ar-ling
I love you my da-ar-ling
Go to sweet
Go to sweet
Go to sweet home

... Or something like that.

The credits list the song as being produced by someone from a group called "Rock'n Banana."

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