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Pokemon Black & White Update

New Pokemon revealed. Plus, details on online and wireless play, your Pokedex, and an upcoming demo event.


Today's big Pokemon Black & White news was, thankfully, not limited to those darn clear files. Details from the upcoming issue of Coro Coro Comics also leaked out, providing us with info on additional Pokemon and some other major news.

Black & White arrive in three months!

The biggest news is that Pokemon Black & White will feature a "Random Match" mode which will allow you to play online with other players. You access this online mode from the Global Terminal in the Pokemon Center. The mode will expand to full worldwide play in Spring 2011 once Black & White sees worldwide release.

A bit more mysteriously, the magazine also says "It looks like you can upload your Pokemon Black & White report to the web and play." This feature is listed next to a Wi-Fi Connection logo along with the text "Connectivity With the Web Also Realized!!" That's right, two exclamation points! We're going to have to wait for more details on this particular area.

Outside of the online connectivity, the magazine details some of the ways the game's wireless connectivity has been updated. You'll be able to use a new device called a "C Gear" for a variety of wireless features. What those are is a mystery at this point. The magazine also says that there will be a number of new things to do using wireless play.

There's new info for those who love to collect. In Black & White, you'll be able to capture wild Pokemon you find around Isshu. The basics for capturing are the same -- to make your job easier, get the Pokemon's HP down first.

After capturing Pokemon, you'll be able to view them using your Pokedex. The boy main character's Pokedex is red, and the girl's is pink. The Pokedex offers lots of details on your newly captured friends.

You'll get your first Pokedux, and your first Pokemon, from Profesor Araragi, a character the magazine notes is the first female Professor in series history. It seems that she's doing research into Pokemon in the Isshu Region.

Now for some new Pokemon info. Pokemon Co. has been slow in getting details on the new cast of Pokemon for Black & White, but this week's Coro Coro shared details on seven! Some of my romanizations and terminology may be off, but here goes:

(NOTE: I've updated some of the skill names with Serebii's superior translations)

A previous Black & White Pokemon reveal.
Type: Psychic; Classification: Dream Eating Pokemon; Ability: Forewarn and Synchronize; Height: 0.6m; Weight: 23.3kg. Munna looks like a big pink beach ball. She has an ability called Telekinesis which can raise her opponent into the air.
Type: Normal; Classification: Chinchilla Pokemon; Ability: Cute Charm and Technician; Height: 0.4m; Weight: 5.8kg. Chirami looks kinda like a Pichu but white and with pink inner ears. And the eyes are different. Okay, she looks nothing like Pichu. Professor Araragi has one of these. A screenshot where the professor is explaining the basics of Pokemon to you shows Chiarmi standing right next to her.
Type: Steel; Classification: Gear Pokemon; Ability: Plus and Minus; Height: 0.3m; Weight: 21.0kg. This Pokemon is two big gears next to one-another. They do somehow manage to look alive, though. Gear can use an attack called "Gear Saucer."
Type: Normal, Flying; Classification: Baby Pigeon Pokemon; Ability: Pigeon Heart and Good Fortune; Height: 0.3m; Weight: 2.1kg.
Type: Electric; Classification: Charged Pokemon; Ability: Lighting Rod and Motor Drive; Height: 0.8m; Weight: 29.8kg. Shimama's Wild Bolt attack is apparently so powerful that Shimama will incur damage too!
Type: Fire; Classification: Flaming Pokemon; Ability: Encourage; Height: 1.3m; Weight: 92.9kg. The Encourage move ups Hihidarma's strength.
Type: Ground & Dark; Classification: Desert Crocodile; Ability: Intimidate and Earthquake Spiral; Height: 0.7m; Width: 15.2kg.

Finally some information on where you'll be able to see more from Black & White, and get your hands on with the game! The upcoming World Hobby Fair, which you'll already be attending since Wii Party will have its playable debut, will feature the latest Black & White video. The event takes place on the 19th and 20th at the Makuhari Messe just outside Tokyo.

As for that advanced play chance, the big news this week is that there'll be a chance. The magazine says that a demo event for the game will be held. However, details won't be available until the next issue.

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