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Namco Bandai Readying God Eater Plus Question Mark

Leaked image shows unannounced append disc for recent Monster Hunter clone.


Here's a hot rumor involving one of this year's surprise hits. An image popped up today showing specifications for a "God Eater +."

The image is said to be a screen grab from a survey site of some form. It lists an append disc for the Namco Bandai Monster Hunter clone that adds such features as:

  • New scenarios and characters
  • New Aragami beasts (these are the names of the giant creatures you fight)
  • Over 360 weapons
  • Far more character customization parts.
  • Includes all the Aragami and Missions that were offered as download content.
  • During battle, you can issue such commands as "Gather together," "Wait there," and "Leave your current position" to your allies.
  • AI and movement patterns for Aragami and your ally characters have been reformed.
  • New Avatar Link system. You can import your friends' avatar data via Avatar Cards. Doing so allows you to play with your friends' avatar as your party members, even when you play single player. Items and rewards that you earn can then be shared back with your friends next time you connect.
  • Surechigai support lets you automatically exchange Avatar Card data with other players even when your PSP is in sleep mode.
  • Increased sense of speed, as you can now eat up the Aragami instantly during your combo attacks.
  • You can carry over your current save file and character data.

The append disc will be offered for ¥2,000 to current God Eater owners. Namco Bandai will also offer a ¥4,980 "Full Package" that includes the original game. Release time frame is TBA.

The reason there's a "Question Mark" in the headline is because none of this is official. The image isn't even a scan, so it could very well be fake.

Namco Bandai will be announcing new developments for the God Eater series at the God Eater Fes tournament on July 11. It seems too early for a sequel, but an append disc is a bit more believable.

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