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Image Epoch CEO Teases HD Support

The studio behind Last Ranker and Fate/Extra has some big plans for the current year.

Last Ranker, one of PSP's most highly anticipated upcoming releases.

Image Epoch CEO Ryoei Mikage is in full tease mode as E3 begins. Mikage made some intriguing comments about his studio's upcoming plans at his blog over the weekend.

Mikage is heading out to Los Angeles for the big trade show. This is apparently rare as he usually can't make the time. However, it looks Nintendo's 3DS announcement this year is what pushed him over.

Image Epoch seems to be in somewhat of a transition period now. Development on Last Ranker and Fate/Extra, both RPGs for the PSP, is finished. Staffers who took some vacation time are now being moved to new projects. Additionally, the studio is increasing staff and expanding its development lines.

Here's where the teases began. Mikage said that Image Epoch will have some sort of event around the time of this year's Tokyo Game Show. The studio apparently has a lot to show, including a game for an HD system, a new net game and a secret project that Mikage would only list as "XX."

Mikage provided a hint that these games may be RPGs (not that this is unexpected, given the studio's track record). Closing off his blog post, he said, "We've moved on to our next title without pause, so we will continue with fervor to put RPGs in the Japanese market."

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