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White Knight 2 VS White Knight 1

Level-5 releases same comparison shots showing how the first White Knight compares to updated version that's included with part 2.


White Knight Chronicles 2 includes the first White Knight in full. Buyers of the upcoming sequel can play the original in online or offline mode.

As previously detailed, the version of White Knight 1 that's included with White Knight 2 is a bit more advanced than the current version that's available for purchase (usually at heavily discounted prices). Not only does it come packaged with the over 130 quests that have been distributed over the past one-and-a-half years, but Level-5 has also updated the gameplay systems and graphics to White Knight 2 level.

Today, Level-5 provided some pics showing event scenes from the original White Knight 1 compared to the equivalent scene under the updated White Knight 2 code. Click to enlarge:

The original White Knight (left) and the sequel (right).
The original White Knight (left) and the sequel (right).
The original White Knight (left) and the sequel (right).

Also be sure and see this gallery for a huge batch of White Knight 2 media.

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