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Nippon Ichi and Former Flight-plan Staff Team for Blue Roses

New PSP strategy game features overhead grid battles and Super Robot-style attack sequences.


Two powerful forces in strategy RPG gaming are teaming up. Disgaea publisher Nippon Ichi is working with the creators of the Summon Night and Black Matrix series for the all new PSP strategy title Blue Roses.

Fully titled "Blue Roses: The Fairies and the Blue Eyed Warriors," this original title is set in the Kingdom of Austrail, a kingdom populated by fairies and humans. Players take control of a group of blue-eyed knights known as Blue Roses. Borrowing the power of fairies, these knights face off against Phantoms on the battle field.

When starting the game, you first select between male and female main characters. The game's storyline progresses along a different path depending on your choice, eventually leading to one of several endings.

The male main character is Rosche, manager of a delivery service in your town's harbor. He's voiced by Yuki Kaji.

The female main character is Alicia, a teacher of young Blue Rose students. She's voiced by Eri Kitamura.

Other characters introduced for the game include a warrior named Jack, and Purakabu, who looks like a possible mascot character.

Combat starts off in an overhead grid view. You take turns with enemies, positioning your troops on the grid. When you attack, the game switches to three-on-three team battles, where one character acts as leader while the other two serve support roles.

The staff of Blue Roses consists of some major names in the strategy world. The game is being directed by Koichi Kawase and Hiroki Ryoga, who formerly worked on such strategy hits as Summon Night and Black Matrix. These two are now part of Apollo Soft, which appears to be a new studio formed by former Flight-plan staff. Apollo is working with Chime, a studio that has developed a number of past strategy titles, on the planning for Blue Roses. The game's character illustrations are from illustrators Super Zonbi and Shinichiro Otsuka.

The details in this article come from Dengeki Online, which also has some full resolution screenshots. Dengeki PlayStation has an eight page feature on the game in its most recent issue.

Blue Roses is set for September 16 release through Nippon Ichi. The game will see both retail and download releases priced respectively at ¥6,090 and ¥4,800. Buyers of the retail version will get the "Blue Roses Visual Booklet," a 40 page A5 hard cover booklet.

Visit the newly opened official site for a glimpse of the opening movie.

(Special thanks to reader Yuan for all the info!)

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