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Gemaga Reports June 24 Date for Xbox 360 Slim

Japanese hardware release to trail America by a week.


One of the biggest announcements from today's pre-E3 Xbox 360 Media Briefing in LA was the new Xbox 360 hardware revision. But while Microsoft confirmed the hardware would be shipping to American retailers this week, it did not detail its release plans for the Japanese market.

Gamaga's team of reporters was on the scene, however, and it appears that they asked someone about plans for the Japanese market. Following the press conference, the site posted a Tweet stating "It looks like a release is set for the 24th of this month."

Assuming this is in reference to a Japanese release date (the Tweet didn't specifically mention Japan), it would mean just a slight delay from the overseas release.

The editors of the long-running magazine (whose former identities include Dreamcast Magazine, Sega Saturn Magazine and Beep) did not say where they got the heads up.

As announced during the briefing, the new Xbox 360 sports a smaller, sleeker look, with a black finish and chrome accents. The device includes touch controls for power on and off, improved acoustics that Microsoft say make the device "Whisper Quiet" whether playing from DVD or hard drive, a 250 gigabyte hard drive default, more USB slots, and built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi.

You can read the full set of specifications at Xbox.com.

Microsoft's Japanese offices will presumably issue a statement about the new hardware once the business day starts in Tokyo on Tuesday morning.

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