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Microsoft Details Japanese Plans for X360 250 and Kinect

Hardware revision arriving opposite Monster Hunter Frontier Online.

Kinect and the new Xbox 360.

Following its pre-E3 press conference in Los Angeles earlier today, Microsoft briefed the local media on its Japanese plans for The Xbox 360 slim and, to a lesser extent, Kinect.

The new Xbox 360, referred to as just "Xbox 360 250GB," will see release first in America later this week at $299. Japan will have to wait until the 24th. The system's Japanese release falls simultaneous with Capcom's Monster Hunter Frontier Online, MS noted in its press release.

Microsoft has set a ¥29,800 price for the new hardware, which includes a Wireless Controller and head set. This is the same price as the Elite, although it should be noted that Microsoft currently offers the "Elite Value Pack," which includes Bayonetta and Forza Motorsport 3 at no additional cost. The bundle was released on April 28.

The specifications appear to remain unchanged for the Japanese version of the hardware. The black system will include a 250 gigabyte hard drive and offer an HDMI port and five USB ports. It also comes with 802.11n Wi-Fi built in.

Microsoft's briefing on Kinect, formerly Project Natal, did not contain any actual details for the Japanese market. In North America, the device will be available on November 14 at an undisclosed price. Releases elsewhere in the world will follow. A date for the Japanese version has yet to be set.

The same holds for the lineup of Kinect games that was announced during the press conference. However, a number of Japanese publishers did announce Kinect product at the event. Hudson announced Deca Sports Freedom, a version of the sports variety game that it has thus far brought to DS and Wii. Konami announced Dance Masters. Sega announced Sonic Free Riders.

Microsoft will presumably provide more solid details on its Japanese plans at a separate press conference following E3.

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