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Hideo Kojima's Hilarious Encounter With Sony at E3

He may have flown in on a private jet, but the creator of Metal Gear still needs a wrist band to get into Sony's press conference.


Hideo Kojima was one of the guests of honors at today's Xbox 360 press conference, taking the mic directly from Microsoft VP Don Mattrick to introduce someone who went on to introduce Metal Gear Solid Rising.

But Kojima's status for tomorrow's Sony press conference, and indeed his relationship with Sony as a whole, is in question now thanks to an incident that occurred following the MS presser.

As Kojima detailed at his his Twitter late in the day, he and his staff went to pick up the wrist bands that would serve as their tickets for the Sony conference. They were told "Please put this on your arm now." "Even though it's tomorrow?" wondered Kojima. Producer Kenichiro Imaizumi asked, "Are we supposed to wear this in the bath and when we sleep?" (Man, I hope he said "shower" instead of "bath" though.) He was told, "It's waterproof. Or would you rather come again tomorrow and wait 20 minutes?"

This little passage brings up a question. Why exactly does Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid 4, which is still a PlayStation 3 exclusive, have to get a wrist band to attend any Sony event? This presumably means that he won't be speaking at the event.

After being told that some 600 people are wearing the band, Kojima gave up, put it on and took this picture.

Continued his Tweet: "It will be there until tomorrow. I can't take it off. I'm going to have dinner with Hollywood people now, and it doesn't look good. This is unbelievable!"

Kojima should have introduced MGS Rising's Zandatsu mechanics to the receptionist.

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