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Square Enix Chief Twit Master Talks Up Kingdom Hearts 3DS

New 3DS game is completely original title.


Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto has offered up some clarification on the Kingdom Hearts game that was announced today at Nintendo's E3 press conference as part of a rush of 3DS third party announcements.

Slides at the press conference listed the game as "Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo." However, Nintendo's press materials listed "Kingdom Hearts Franchise." So is 3DS going to get an actual Kingdom Hearts game?

The answer is yes. In a set of posts at the Square Enix Members Twitter, Hashimoto provided clarification on the matter. "KH3D is a completely original title," he Tweeted.

"With this and KHRc, two KH games will appear on portable game machines," he added in reference to the recently announced DS title, Kingdom Hearts Re-Coded.

KH3D is not playable on the E3 show floor. However, Square Enix did prepare a 3D movie to show off the product. "Everything begins from this video," Tweeted Hashimoto.

Tetsuya Nomura seems to be intimately involved in the product. Hashimoto noted that after the Nintendo conference, Nomura was surrounded by press for interviews.

One more point of note for those who've been trying to follow all these Twitter teases. Hashimoto also revealed today that KH3D was the "information with impact" he had promised in the weeks prior to E3.

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