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Tom Create Details Latest DSi Ware Game

Eat up bugs in colorful new download title.


Tom Create is readying its next super cheap DSi Ware game for release later this month. The developer/publisher shared details today on the new game, "Uchimakure! Touch de Chameleon."

In this colorful overhead action game, you play as a chameleon named Bero. Your goal is to rid the forest of insects who are attempting to eat up all the fruit.

You control Bero with the stylus. Slide the stylus, and Bero will extend out to eat up an insect. You can make Bero curve his body in order to eat multiple insects in one go.

As you eat insects, Bero's special move gauge rises. Once this is filled, you'll be able to perform Bero's "Bero Bero Gatling" move.

Uchimakure! Touch de Chameleon hits on June 30 at the usual low price of 200 DSi Points. Visit the game's official site for a gameplay movie.

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