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Arc System Works Kicks Off New DSi Ware Series

First entry in new "Arc Style" series available now.


Arc System Works has started up its very own DSi Ware download series. Titled "Arc Style," the series' promises low-priced, easy-to-play games for download.

The first entry in the series, released yesterday (6/16) is Arc Style Soccer. This 500 DSi Point soccer game uses four player teams and does away with fouls and offsides rules.

You'll find 32 teams, selectable in Exhibition and World Tournament modes. You can also create an original team, grouping together four different types of characters.

Multiplayer options include two player wireless play and download play. You can make use of your custom team when facing off against other players.

The second entry in the series is Arc Style Rytmix. Set for release on the 23rd, this 800 DSi Point app is a synthesizer with over 170 sound samples, including drums, bass, cymbals, and keyboards.

Arc promises a simple control interface for the program, allowing newcomer mixers to enjoy themselves. The program includes 16 preset melodies from 8 genres and can store up to 255 of your song creations.

Similar to its Okiraku WiiWare series, Arc has opened a portal site for the Arc Style series. Visit the portal for links to official sites for each game.

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