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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Collaborates with Square Enix Manga For New DLC

Latest download content has elements from Arakawa Under the Bridge. Is this the second Square Enix tie-up?


Forget the plain white and pink shirts of past Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker download outfits. The latest set of camouflage data has faces.

Those are (from left to right) AUB-RIKU, AUB-NINO and AUB-HOSHI. Fans of manga Arakawa Under the Bridge will recognize the faces on the shirts as characters from the manga.

Yes, you're looking at some collaborative download content for Peace Walker. Joining the three shirts, Kojima Productions is also offering magazine data, Arakawa Under the Bridge Vol. 6.

These free items are available as of today.

Arakawa Under the Bridge is published by Square Enix. Last week, Hideo Kojima and Square Enix's Shinji Hashimoto made mention of some sort of new collaboration between the two companies. It's unclear if this is what they were referring to.

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