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Nintendo Considering 3D For Wii Successor

Iwata waiting for 3D adoption rate to reach 30%.


3D is the hot topic at this year's E3, and Nintendo is leading the conversation thanks to the 3DS. But how does Nintendo feel about 3D in the console space.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata gave some hints in an interview that appeared in today's Nihon Keizai Shimbun. The paper asked Iwata if Nintendo was planning on making Wii 3D compatible.

Responded Iwata: "If you display a 3D image, the image quality becomes extremely bad, so we'd probably do it with the next system. We're thinking that the timing should be once the 3D television adoption rates crosses the 30% mark. We're looking at the adoption trends."

It looks like, for the time being, Nintendo's 3D plans concern portable gaming only.

The paper also asked Iwata a few questions about the 3DS and 3D gaming in general.

Asked if Nintendo considered the "3D boom" when coming up with 3DS, Iwata said, referring to Virtual Boy, "Absolutely not. Nintendo had an eye the charms of immersive 3D for games and released a 3D game machine 15 years ago, but the technology was not ready. After that, we looked for a chance, and decided two years back that we finally had the technology and parts to make a satisfying product."

So what's the point of switching to 3D? Asked for the goal of making the 3D switch, Iwata said, "In 3D, it's easier to get a sense for position. In a game where the stages extend into the screen, it's surprisingly easier to control [compared to non 3D]. This is functionality for making games more pleasant to play, not just for show."

Iwata seems to be a big supporter of 3D, as he also said "It allows us to realize images that are close to what you see in your daily life. In the future, 3D will become the mainstream of gaming."

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