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3DS Features Software Install

Asahi reports on surprise feature for Nintendo's upcoming system.


Nintendo has packed 3DS with so many features that it's not even promoting some of the major ones. Today's Asahi Shimbun detailed one such silent feature: software install.

According to the paper, gamers will be able copy 3DS software to internal memory. Multiple games can be stored with the system in this fashion. You'll be able to switch between games by selecting a title from the system's main menu.

The paper notes that due to this feature, there'll be no need to swap cartridges. When outside of the home, you won't need to carry game cartridges with you.

Asahi is a mainstream paper, so it obviously didn't get into the specifics on how this installation system will work. We'll have to wait for Nintendo to provide clarification.

Correction: The original version of this story credited the report to Nikkei rather than Asahi.

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