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Kojima: Taboo Game for Consoles, ZOE 3 on Hold

Things I learned while watching Hideo Kojima get a shoulder massage in the bathroom of a French hotel.


I'm not sure why, but Hideo Kojima and a few Kojima Productions staffers decided to hold a live fan Q&A session from the bathroom of their hotel while in France for a Peace Walker launch event.

Filming location aside, Kojima managed to make a few comments of interest for those on the lookout for info about his upcoming games. And he did it all while getting a nice little shoulder massage.

On the hot topic of a ZOE sequel, Kojima said "Regarding ZOE3, there's been various things, so it's been sort of pushed to the back."

Producer Kenichiro Imaizumi also chimed in on this topic, saying that it's not so simple for them to do a ZOE sequel, as they'd have to stop doing something else first.

Kojima and Imaizumi both joked that no matter where they go, they get asked about a ZOE sequel. Kojima said that this happens for Snatcher as well.

Next, someone asked about Metal Gear Solid Rising, but Kojima said he wouldn't comment, as he's worried about people thinking that it's his Metal Gear game.

Imazumi, speaking in English, said, "He passed the torch to Matsuyama and Kimura. Those two will handle the project. However, he is going to supervise."

(Kojima's shoulder massage begins here, at about the 2 minute mark. This is where the video gets a little strange, as while he's getting the massage, someone asks if he's in a hotel).

Next, Kojima was asked about his "Taboo" game. Responded Kojima, "The Taboo is a project for high spec machines that I'm hoping to do myself next. It may or may not be a taboo, but for me, I think it will be quite the problematic game."

He later clarified that "high spec" refers to consoles.

The Ustream feed contains a mix of English and Japanese, but it's a pretty fun watch. Not as fun as the stream of Konami's E3 press conference from earlier today, but you do get to see Kojioma playing around with toilet paper.

View the stream for yourself here:

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